Two lighthouses in the distance 

Daylight so good it hurts

Accordioned in the silence

Shoeful of marbles

Wants to see whoever arrives

With bright transfigured eyes

Long here, also long blinded

Well more beautiful than days

To love him to grieve

To sweeten your suffering

So what was your first impression of me

Climbing along the hot air of morning 

What a long week long day its been

So use your time or bits of brine to hold new growth still

Just loving, not saddening

Just cruel by name

Don't just shed blood

Use a blind work special

Too bad no love

So better than a keeper

First acquired here

To be observed closely

To announce the arrival

I was wondering if i could get your number and we could go out for a cheese plate and some grog tomorrow at The Flower Shop in manhattan?

One hour in the morning for warm breath reassurances

Demonstrate lack of balance

The proper word would be running like a tap and the water is down the drain and the skill is catching it in your mouth before it goes and you can only catch so much before its dribbling down your chin and out of the corners of your mouth

Holds you in silence

Many prefer his rumbling

So a prank can happen

To clean beforehand yourself

Gradually to come

 I wandred now this way, now that way, sometime to the right hand, sometime to the left: nowe forwarde, then backe againe, not knowing how to goe among the thicke bowghes and tearing thornes, bearing vpon my face: rending my clothes, and houlding me sometimes hanging in them, whereby my hast in getting foorth was much hyndered. 

Really bad water colors

You not now

In total darkness, or in a very large room, very quietly

With heaps to invite

Here you know them first

Only in this condition

I like who we are to each other a thought configures

To win or to die

3 eggs over easy Italian sausage chopped up Roma tomato mushroom and sweet onion sautéed 

Too little in so many

The earth forms and people form to be on the earth

cells cells in body
cell becomes bird egg
net mama bird

You can become a french girl in the same way a child can become a tiger

Work that moves against itself from all angles

And with one little gesture we are elsewhere

I am later-

You are a concentrated area of all the world's beautiful

omg i was listening to this sitting on the toilet and i was looking at this dead skeeter eater and as soon as the singing started apprently this thing was not dead cos it ressurected and tried to fly up w much strife

Rupture of the rocks

On the brink of enlightenment 
We are all mirrors
Everything is now
I’m sad because 
You are LEAVING! 

I found you
A relic making sprinkler sounds
A snake on Sundays
To hiss on Mondays 

If the world stretched long like gum
Fused in sedimentary stone hot feet in in pond scum
Would my shadow fall just as long 
As when
We walked two in two sewn at the toe
One mile down
And all I thought was 
it’s too big out here!